Personal Note

At the end of 1982, coinciding with the final stage of the military dictatorship in Argentina, Steven Spielberg's film E.T was released. I was 9 years old and I loved looking at the moon and the stars from the balcony of my home in Buenos Aires. My parents took me to the local cinema to see this new Hollywood blockbuster. I remember that watching this child soar and fly with his bike and the huge reflection of the moon on the big screen felt to me like a moment of absolute magic. A few days later I went back to the cinema to see the same film again. From then on, every visit to the cinema became a kind of ritual for me. I loved the feeling of being immersed in different worlds. 

I studied Film. Just like that kid from E.T., I also took flight. But not by bike, but by plane. At the age of 23 I came alone to Europe, to the place my family had left. My father escaped Hungary during the revolution in '56. Orphaned after the war, he left to meet with his paternal aunts, survivors of the Holocaust. They had started a new life in Argentina. My maternal grandfather left Berlin in 1929. He left Germany following in the footsteps of his younger brother who had left a few years earlier. They skipped Nazism and deportation by having emigrated. Argentina had opened its doors to my family and offered them a new life without war and with peace and quiet. But I chose to return to the place they left.

I arrived in Berlin inĀ“96 full of energy and enthusiasm to immerse myself in a new world. I joined Deutsche Welle TV in May '96 as an intern. I then went through different departments as I had a hard time figuring out what I really wanted to do. I also did internships in a film distribution company, in a news agency and I learned to design Websites. I went to London in '99 and did an MA in Communication. The topic I chose for my dissertation was based on the way the film Blair Witch Project, an independent American horror film, changed Marketing campaigns in the film Industry. I then came back to Berlin. This city fascinated me from the first moment and still does. I worked for an English-language magazine, surrounded myself with expats, perhaps always looking for people and places where I felt comfortable. I also worked in news, I was the weather girl, I did live TV connections during the Berlinale in 2012 and Studio Talks on Films for the Spanish News at DW. I also worked as Co-producer for an artist filmmaker. I did and still do Magazine Show production and I also work as a motion designer for the German TV channel. I like Motion Graphics and I like to spend many hours alone in front of the computer. But I also like to surround myself with people who love film and who make, have made or want to continue making films. I like dreamers.

I joined Lost Send Media to collaborate in the areas of communications and production because it gives me a lot of joy to spread the work done by people who make things that I enjoy watching and because I want to help make sure that the films I love to watch continue to be produced.